WHITE RABBIT paperback cover redesign!


The paperback edition of WHITE RABBIT comes out at the end of January, coinciding with the release of DEATH PREFERS BLONDES, and it was apparently inspired by its little sister to undergo a drag makeover! When they showed me what the redesign would look like, dear reader, I was gagged.

Starker, bolder, and more graphic than the original, the two-tone design packs a huge punch. My love of mid-century cinema is hard to overstate, and where I’ve compared the DEATH PREFERS BLONDES cover to film posters for the great heist comedies of the 60s, this is a striking throwback to the high-voltage suspense flicks and crime dramas of the same period. It’s serving me IN COLD BLOOD, Anatomy of a Murder, and Psycho realness–and I love it.

Pre-order links are available on the book’s individual page!



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