Death Prefers Blondes preorder giveaway!

The day fast approaches when Death Prefers Blondes will be out in the world! (Don’t mind me, I’m fine, just breathing into this paper bag.) I’ve got some really great events coming up–and I’ll try to be better about updating this site, I PROMISE–including a hard launch at the Book Cellar in Chicago, followed by a signing/Q&A at Literati Bookstore in Ann Arbor the following week. (See my events page for more info!)

In the meantime! Because advance sales are critical to visibility, promotion, and the chance for books to make bestseller lists, I’m offering a preorder incentive giveaway! If you purchase Death Prefers Blondes in any format, from any retailer, and email me your proof of purchase by January 29, here is what you’ll receive:


Giveaway◉ A bookmark

◉ An art card, featuring an original drawing (by me!) of the book’s main cast

◉ A signed bookplate

◉ An original digital short story, emailed as a PDF, featuring two characters from my debut, Last Seen Leaving!

(And be aware that the short story contains general spoilers! No major twists are given away, but the featured characters first meet partway through LSL, so their relationship is a spoiler in itself.)


For the record, I am also including library requests in this giveaway. Every time a library chooses to stock one of my books, that’s a sale for me, and it makes my books that much more accessible to the young readers who need them. Contact your local library, request that they carry Death Prefers Blondes, and email me a screenshot, and I’ll send you the goodies above!

Just remember: The giveaway ends on January 29th, when Blondes comes out, so if you want to take part, make sure you send me that email by the 28th! Caleb @ calebroehrig dot com!

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