In a neat twist of fate, the first two anthologies to ever feature short stories penned by yours truly will be released on the same day this year! I promise this was not planned. I’m really excited about both collections, and honored to be included in them, and both represent a change of pace for me in terms of genre!

HIS HIDEOUS HEART, compiled and edited by Dahlia Adler, features thirteen original tales inspired by the works of the legendary Edgar Allen Poe. A complete list of contributors is available on the linked page, but suffice it to say that it’s a fantastic lineup. The anthology will also include the original Poe stories that inspired each entry, and an audiobook will be produced as well. Mine is called The Glittering Death, and it’s my take on The Pit and the Pendulum. Very horror, much scare!

LIFE IS SHORT AND THEN YOU DIE, compiled by the Mystery Writers of America and edited by Kelley Armstrong, will feature my very first piece of published historical fiction! A collection of YA stories about first encounters with murder, the contributors include legends like Barry Lyga, R.L. Stine, and Armstrong herselfwho happens to be a personal hero and major inspiration. So I fanboyed, unashamedly. Anyway, my entry, Enemy Lines, is all about what happens when you look long into an abyss, and the abyss looks back into you…

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