A Werewolf in…Quarantine?

My most recent novel, A WEREWOLF IN RIVERDALE, is out!


Unfortunately, I am in. My city is under a “shelter in place” order, due to the pandemic, and so I’m spending my days writing, watching nonsense on YouTube, and washing my hands while singing Happy Birthday in my head. It is a weird time to have just released a book! Particularly when you consider that Amazon has deprioritized book sales in favor of “essentials.” (Which makes sense! But…is sort of upside-down-smiley-face-emoji for authors, whose tenuous living depends on book sales.)


Fortunately, A WEREWOLF IN RIVERDALE can still be purchased online via Barnes & Noble, Book Depository, or through your local independent bookstore (search Indiebound.org to find the closest independent bookseller near you!) AND it is available at select Target locations as well! (Ebook and audiobook versions are available immediately through all retailers, including Amazon.) It’s a funny, frightening, fang-toothed read, and I think even my readers who aren’t familiar with the Archie Comics or Archie Horror universes will still enjoy it!


Anyway, stay home, stay healthy, wash your hands, and catch up on your reading, friends. We’re all in this together!

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