The Fell of Dark Preorder Incentive!

THE FELL OF DARK is only weeks away, which means it’s time for me to make an impassioned plea for preorders! Ordering early lets booksellers know what titles readers are excited about, which in turn encourages them to stock more copies and talk those titles up to their shoppers. If you’re amped for gay vampires and you want to encourage more of this sort of thing, preorder today from your preferred retailer! And as an incentive to do so…


I’m doing a preorder giveaway! All you have to do is email me a screenshot of your proof of purchase, and I’ll send YOU a bookmark, an art card, a signed bookplate, and an excerpt from an original manuscript that was never published (but which heavily influenced The Fell of Dark.) There are buy links on TFOD’s landing page right here on my web site, but if you’ve got a local indie, or an online retailer I didn’t think to include, I’m not picky!


(Oh! Also, for my international friends who don’t know: Book Depository ships worldwide for free. Some restrictions may apply, so check their FAQ to be sure; but when I lived in Europe, it was my go-to source for English-language books I couldn’t find in bookstores!)



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